Our Decisions

Council Functions and Powers

Council functions and powers are dependent on State Government legislation. The Local Government Act 1993 and other legislative provisions clearly define the powers and responsibilities of council.

Council has no authority in regard to matters falling outside the mandatory or discretionary powers conferred by the legislation. Council is vested with a variety of specific powers to control, regulate, license or prevent and prohibit the matters deemed relevant to a local authority. These powers are administered through local laws adopted by council.

Local Laws

Council's Local Laws and Subordinate Local Laws regulate various activities throughout the region.

About Local Laws

Under the Local Government Act 1993, local governments have two main roles:

  • a local law making role; and
  • an executive role, which includes:
    • a policy-making role
    • an administrative role
    • a local law enforcement role

A Local Law is a law about a matter within the jurisdiction of the local government. A Subordinate Local Law is a law made by a local government about a matter that a Local Law expressly provides. Council employs a team of Local Laws officers to enforce legislation, thereby protecting community needs and ensuring the good rule and government of the area.

Should you have a matter that requires attention, or if you have a query please contact Council.

An emergency "call-out" service is available where a concern is of a serious nature and requires urgent attention outside normal office hours, for example livestock on the road or a dangerous dog attack.

For out of hours emergency call-outs please phone:
Animal Control: 0428 981 724 (for issues such as dog attacks (or menacing/threatening dogs) or an injured animal)

Council Meetings


The Chief Executive Officer has the delegated authority of Mount Isa City Council to make decisions on a number of specified matters, in particular of an administrative nature. In turn, the Chief Executive Officer has delegated a number of these powers to specified staff. Delegations are recorded in a Register of Delegations which is open for inspection at the Office of the Chief Executive at 23 West Street, Mount Isa Qld 4825.