Tender Process

Evaluation of tenders

Details of the evaluation process and criteria will be documented in the tender documentation. Once specified, the evaluation criteria and process must be followed.

Changes to tenders

These will be done by way of an addendum. All addendums will be forwarded to all tenderers by way of email. Where appropriate, the tender period may by extended when an addendum is issued at the discretion of the Chief Executive Officer. All queries should be addressed only to the Contact Officer listed within the tender documentation.

Action by MICC after receiving tenders

After the close of the tender date, MICC may without limitation to any other action open to it:

Request clarifications

If so requested by Council, the tenderer must submit by the date and time specified information in clarification regarding their tender submission. Failure to provide the requested information may result in the tender being deemed non-conforming and it will not be evaluated further.

Request changes to tenders

Section 228(7) of the Local Government Regulation provides that Council may invite all tenderers who submitted a tender to change their tenders where there is a change in the tender. This is during the period of the close of tender but before any tender is recommended for acceptance. Should the change have resulted in alternative suppliers submitting an offer, consideration will be given to withdrawing the tender and readvertising. The Local Government Regulation requires all changes to tenders under Section 228(7) be listed in Council's Annual Report.

Enter into post tender negotiations

Council may negotiate with suppliers after the close of tenders when it has expressly reserved the right in the conditions of the tender.

The commencement of negotiations with one or more supplier is not an indication that a particular supplier's response has been unsuccessful or successful. All negotiations will be handled with the utmost probity and the equality of opportunity for the suppliers will be maintained throughout the negotiations.