Community Engagement

Community consultation and engagement serves to strengthen links between Council and its community and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Council decisions in response to community issues.

Council's Commitment

Council is committed to the development of a respectful relationship with the community that embraces public input into Council decision making.

Council engages with the community in order to:

  • Better meet the needs of the community
  • Utilise local knowledge and expertise
  • Effectively inform the community
  • Encourage and enable community participation in the decision making process.

We encourage individuals and organisations to become actively involved in the development of our region, and the activities of Council, by contributing during regular community consultation processes.

CCTV Public Submissions

Council is requesting submissions from the public as to where additional CCTV surveillance should be positioned in public spaces. In putting a submission forward the applicant will need to provide some detail about the location and their contact details in case further information is required once submissions are reviewed and if they are successful.

Existing Camera Locations (pole heights are exaggerated for map presentation)

CCTV Purpose

The purpose of installing additional CCTV surveillance is to assist:

  • the investigation and/or prosecution of civil and criminal offences in relation to the security of council's facilities and assets.
  • the investigation and/or prosecution of civil and criminal offences in relation to the security of public spaces and crimes against the persons in the Mount Isa City Council local government area.
  • law enforcement agencies with early identification and rapid response to anti- social behaviours for identified law enforcement operations or major community events.
  • improving public confidence in the safety and security of public spaces.
  • in the deterrence of anti-social behaviours in high-risk public areas.
  • with the operations of community facilities.
  • with Emergency Disaster Management operations.

CCTV Assessment for Public Spaces

To ensure a unified, equitable and transparent assessment of any CCTV camera location, Council is requesting submissions from the public that are based on evidence.  Once the information is provided via a submission, the assessment of every submission will be reviewed against a CCTV assessment framework that focuses on six key stages:

  1. Site assessment
  2. Key stakeholder consultation / evidence gathering
  3. Identify resource requirements and implications including hole of life cost
  4. Decision and notification
  5. Implementation
  6. Evaluation

Please enter your information in the form below and this will be emailed to the Mount Isa City Council for review.

Submissions close on 01/03/2021

Council may contact you to review your submission in detail.

Free First Aid Training Courses

Council is providing the opportunity for representatives of not-for-profit organisations and groups in Mount Isa to receive free First Aid training, thanks to funding assistance from the Get Ready Queensland initiative.

Interested organisations are being urged to complete the Council survey in order for up to two of their representatives to be eligible to undertake the training.

The training will be provided by Mount Isa businesses Martyr Training Services and Krause Health and Safety, with participants asked to book their slot with their chosen service provider within two months of receiving confirmation of their eligibility from Council.

The First Aid courses – HLTAID001 Perform CPR, and HLTAID003 Provide First Aid – are pre-paid and can be redeemed until February 28, 2021, at a date and time of the applicant’s choosing and in accordance with the service provider’s course schedule.

To take the survey, please click here.

Free first aid training



Expressions of Interest for Local Tourism Transition Group

MICC in partnership with local tourism industry organisation MITA is calling for expressions of interest for up to five (5) individuals or organisation representatives to join the Mount Isa Tourism Industry Transition Group.

The role of the group is to provide advice and a recommended operating model to deliver a collaborative, coordinated local tourism organisation for Mount Isa. The Mount Isa Tourism Development strategy recommends transitioning and evolving the Mount Isa Tourism Association to a more sustainable, resourced LTO. The transition group will consult with key stakeholders and other LTOs and consider issues such as membership, revenue streams and reporting structures. It is envisaged a Mount Isa Tourism Board will be appointed as part of the process, along with tourism/administration resources.

We seek those with experience and expertise in Mount Isa Tourism.

Download EOI here

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Expressions of Interest 4WD Eco Tour Operator

MICC as the organisation responsible for maintaining and managing many of Mount Isa’s natural assets and community land is seeking expressions of interest from suitably qualified tourism operators to develop an eco-sensitive 4WD nature based tourism product encompassing Mount Isa’s natural attractions (e.g. waterfalls, waterholes, granite formations).

It is envisaged MICC will issue operating permits to a range of tourism businesses in 2020/21 to develop commercial use opportunities on approved Council owned and/or managed land and on specified private ratepayer properties following consultation and agreement.

MICC is seeking unique and innovative proposals that enhance the visitor experience through access and enjoyment of the natural environment. Operators may wish to offer a range of 4WD tours and products that incorporate outdoor adventure activities such as kayaking, rock-climbing, swimming, hiking, stargazing etc. To incentivise private sector proposals, the MICC will assist opportunities by developing trails and signage, gaining environmental approvals and facilitating involvement of relevant stakeholder organisations and private landowners.

Download EOI here. 

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