Unfortunately, we do not have an automated emailing system for Rates and Water Consumption notices. However, we do have BPAY View available. Should you wish to use this service to receive your notices via email, please contact your financial institution.

The State Fire Levy Charge is a charge issued by the Queensland State Government and is applied to all rateable land within the State of Queensland.

The Mount Isa City Council acts as a collection agent only for this levy and applies it to property assessments once per annum in the July to December rating period. All enquiries should be directed to 13 74 68.

The Rate Notice for the January to June rating period will not have a State Fire Levy Charge.

Land valuations are only one factor used to determine Rate levels. If you do not agree with the valuation of your property, you will need to contact the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy on 13 74 68.

Council will post the Rate and Water Consumption Notices to the last known address registered in our records and it is the owner’s responsibility to notify Council in writing of any change of address. Council does not accept change of address over the telephone.

Your account had an outstanding amount prior to the issuing of the current Rate or Water Consumption Notice therefore it shows as arrears on your current Notice. Rate and Water charges are all applied to the same account and therefore arrears may refer to outstanding amounts in relation to previous rate or water charges.

I believe I have paid my arrears – If you paid the outstanding amount prior to receiving your Notice the payment amount may not show if Council had submitted the file to our notice printers before your payment was received. Customer Service will be able to confirm if your payment was received and provide you with an updated balance.

Any payments made to your Council Rates & Charges and/or Water Consumption Notices that are dishonoured or reversed by your financial institution will incur dishonour fees. All fees will be charged to you.

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