Opening in May 2024


  • Height of towers: 8m
  • 1 enclosed slide
  • 1 open-topped slide
  • Single stairway to the 8m height deck where there are two options to slide down
  • Shade structure over the top of the stairway

The Splashez Aqua Tower promises excitement and fun for the entire community. Designed with both kids and families in mind, these slides will offer an exhilarating experience.

The Compact Slide is an open-body slide stretching 60 metres in length. It's a perfect blend of speed and fun.

The second water slide, the Aquatube Slide, is enclosed and 54m in length.

Get ready to experience the rush, the laughs, and the fun that Splashez's upcoming Aqua Tower will offer.



The tower steel and stairway steel have been erected.

The contractor will pre-assemble fibreglass for the tubing over the next 10 days, then will install the slides and tubing.

Splashez Aqua Tower



Brilliant St Carpark

Council has received funding from the State Government to build a 46-space carpark in Brilliant Street. The location of the carpark is shown in the figure below. It is opposite St Joseph's Catholic Primary School and in between Happy Valley Kindergarten and Meals on Wheels.

Brilliant St carpark 1


Figure 1 - Proposed Brilliant Street Carpark

To construct the new carpark, some existing infrastructure will need to be removed and relocated.

Toilet block

The existing toilet block will need to be demolished. A new toilet will be constructed behind Meals on Wheels, as shown in Figure 2 below.

A new toilet block has been ordered. The lead time on delivery and installation is approximately 3 months. The existing toilet block will be demolished by the end of February. Porta-a-loos will be installed as a temporary measure.


The existing bore will need to be decommissioned, and the water tanks removed. These will be relocated behind Meals and Wheels, as shown in Figure 2. This work will not impact the usage of the grounds.


To demolish the toilet and remove the existing tanks, bore and switchboard, the power will have to be disconnected. This will take place the week commencing 19 February.

A new switchboard will be constructed, in between the two existing picnic shelters. There will be minimal delay between disconnecting the power, carrying out new electrical works, and reconnecting power.

However, the lights to the oval will not be available for a two-week period from the time that the power is disconnected.

During this period, Council encourages people to utilise Sunset Oval, which has identical lighting for sporting and exercise purposes.

Brilliant St Carpark 2


Figure 2 - Relocated infrastructure


Work is expected to begin on the construction of the carpark by end of February/beginning of March. This works will take approximately six weeks to complete. During that time pedestrians will have to use the footpath on the eastern (St Joseph's) side of Brilliant Street.

Construction traffic will be minimal and will enter and leave the site via Duchess Road, Twenty-third Avenue and Brilliant Street. There will be no construction vehicle movements during peak times of school pickup/drop-offs (7.30am-9am and 2.30pm-4pm).


22 February 2024

  • Community notifications issued 
  • Preliminary works are underway
  • Receipt of management plans and program of works
  • Site survey and geotech investigations complete
  • Designs now underway 
  • Demolishing of water tanks and decommissioning of power taking place this week (19 February 2024)
  • Toilets will be demolished within the next two weeks (asbestos removal required, planned to take place on Saturday 24 February 2024 to minimise disruptions)
  • Earthworks to commence in mid-March 2024