Meetings and Minutes

Council Meetings

The ordinary meetings of Council are set in accordance with Sections 257 and 268 of the Local Government Regulation 2012.

The majority of meetings will be held in the Council Chambers, 23 West Street Mount Isa, however various other locations across our Region including Camooweal, are sometimes used to host meetings.

Rules of Attending Ordinary Council Meetings

All Council meetings are open to the public as part of Council's commitment to transparent decision making and engagement with our community; however, the Chair may consider it necessary to close the meeting to the public to discuss any of the following matters:

  • the appointment, dismissal or discipline of employees
  • industrial matters affecting employees
  • Council's budget
  • rating concessions
  • contracts proposed to be made by Council
  • starting or defending legal proceedings involving Council
  • an action to be taken by the Council under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009, including deciding applications made to it under that Act or
  • other business for which a public discussion would be likely to prejudice the interests of Council or someone else or enable a person to gain a financial advantage.

Visitors are bound by Mount Isa City Council’s Standing Orders Policy and Council Chambers Conditions of Entry. Visitors must not interrupt the conduct of business and maintain strict silence. It is prohibited to record or photograph from the public gallery, unless first approved by the Chair. The media regularly attends Council meetings and reports proceedings from special seating allocated in the chamber.

Please note that Ordinary Meetings are recorded in accordance with Council’s Recording of Council Meetings Policy. As a visitor in the public gallery, your presence may be recorded. By remaining in Chambers, it is assumed your consent is given if your image is inadvertently broadcast.

Public Participation at Ordinary Council Meetings

Standing Orders Policy allows for members of the public to ask questions of Council at its Ordinary Meetings. Each individual is limited to two questions each if questions are submitted to the Chief Executive Officer the day before the meeting. An individual is limited to one question without notice. These questions cannot be of a personal nature and the right of any individual to address the Council during this period shall be at the absolute discretion of Council.

Download an application form to speak at an ordinary Council meeting:


In each meeting, time may be required to permit members of the public to address Council on matters of public interest related to local government. In accordance with Standing Orders Policy V3 a deputation wishing to attend must apply in writing to the Chief Executive Officer no less than seven (7) business days before a meeting. Deputations will be advised, in writing, if a request to present as been granted.

Download an application form to present at an ordinary Council meeting: