Council provides pensioners with a concession on General Rates and Utility Charges equivalent to that provided by the State Government, which is 20% of the amount levied to a maximum of $200.00. Plus, each year Council provides an additional amount as outlined in the adopted Revenue Statement for the current financial year.

  • No concession is provied on the State Fire Services Levy as it is a State Government Charge.
  • No concession is offered on any separate or special charges.

Council has determined that pensioners as defined by the Local Government Regulation 2012 are entitled to receive concessions on rate and charges levied by Council. Council may grant a concession for land that is owned by a pensioner under Section 120(1)(a) of the Local Government Regulation 2012.

In exercising these concession powers Council will be guided by the principles of:

  • transparency by making clear the requirements necessary to receive concessions; and
  • equity by ensuring that all applicants of the same type receive the same concession.

General Eligibility

Upon written application to Council, a pensioner may be eligible for a pension concession. Please complete an Application for Rates Pensioner Concession Form and provide a copy of the relevant pensioner concession card as shown below.

To be eligible under the Council Pension Subsidy Scheme for a remission of rates, the applicant must be an approved pensioner who meets all of the criteria below:

  • Is the sole owner, joint owner or life tenant of a property;
  • The property must be the principal place of residence of the pensioner or life tenant;
  • Has, either solely or jointly with a co-owner, the legal responsibility for the payment of rates and charges as defined herein, which are levied in respect of the said property by Mount Isa City Council; and
  • Must be a current holder of one of the following cards:
QLD Pensioner Concession Card issued by Centrelink  
Pensioner card


Veterans' Affairs Pensioner Concession Card  DVA Pensioner Card 
Veterans' Affairs Gold Card  
Dva health care card gold




These cards do NOT qualify for a remission: Senior Cards, Health Care Cards and Health Benefit Cards

Seniors Card  
Seniors Card


Health Care Card  
Health care card


Medicare Card  
Medicare card