Disaster Management


Updated information about Council's COVID-19 response and Council facilities and services can be found at Council's dedicated COVID-19 page here.

Please refer to the following webpages for comprehensive information on disaster management:

You can also download Mount Isa City Council's Local Disaster Management Plan.

Wet Season Safety

Floodwaters in Mount Isa are extremely dangerous.

Between October and April, including the Christmas holidays, is the wet season, so protect yourself when journeying by checking travel conditions and seeking different routes if necessary. Consider installing a UHF radio in your car, pack extra water and snacks, and never attempt to cross flooded roads.

Remember, floodwaters can be fatal.



Get Ready

Are you prepared for storm season? Don't wait until it's too late - get ready now and prepare.

Find out more by visiting the Queensland Reconstruction Authority's Get Ready Queensland website.

Mount Isa City Council's Disaster Management Plan aims to minimise the effects of disasters or significant emergencies within the community by ensuring a coordinated risk-management approach involving prevention, preparedness, response and recover strategies at Local, State and Federal Government levels.

Get Ready Qld site