Land Valuations

Land Valuations and Rates

In March 2020, the State Valuation Service released its latest land valuations for several councils across Queensland, including Mount Isa City Council.

Council does not have any involvement in how land valuations are set, as they are determined by the State Valuation Service.

Council’s rates are determined by many factors, of which land valuations form only a very small part. Rateable properties in the Mount Isa City area fall into differential rate categories, as outlined in Council's 2022/2023 Revenue Statement.

Changes to land valuations – either increases or decreases – do not necessarily mean a similar change in rates.

Find out more about land valuations and rates by downloading Council's fact sheet here.

If you do not agree with your new statutory land valuation and wish to lodge an objection, your objection must be lodged within 60 days of the issue date on the valuation notice.

For more information, visit the State Valuation Service's website at

Land valuations and rates