Rubbish Collection

What's my Bin Collection Day?

Caring for your bin

The safety and security of the allocated Mobile Garbage Bin is the owner's responsibility.Wheelie bin

If your mobile garbage bin is stolen, you must report this to the Police prior to contacting the Mount Isa City Council. Keep a copy of your mobile garbage bin identification number (found on the side of the bin) for reference. 

Council will provide a free mobile garbage bin to new dwellings. Stolen or damaged mobile garbage bins are to be replaced at the owner's expense. Council charges a fee for the replacement of a mobile garbage bin. The current fee can be found on the Register of Commercial Fees.

Wheels and lid pins will be replaced free of charge by contacting Council.

To ensure that your mobile garbage bin is serviced, please follow the procedures listed below:

  1. Bins should be placed on footpath by 7:00am on the collection day.
  2. Place your mobile garbage bin close to the kerb.
  3. Keep your mobile garbage bin two (2) metres clear from obstructions (i.e. car, tree, pole).
  4. Your mobile garbage bin should be placed square to the footpath.
  5. Have your mobile garbage bin facing the right way (i.e. wheels facing the house).
  6. Do not overfill your mobile garbage bin. (A mobile garbage bin is overfull when the lid will not close, damage may occur during operations).
  7. At premises where there is more than one mobile garbage bin, they must be spaced at least one (1) metre apart.
  8. Tree cuttings must be no longer than 1 metre x 50mm in size. Bin should not exceed 70kg in weight.
  9. Dirt, vacuum cleaner or other dust and grass clippings are to be bagged.
  10. Sharp items, such as broken glass, must be securely contained or wrapped to prevent injury.
  11. Needles and syringes must not be included in garbage, but must be placed in a rigid walled container. Please contact Mount Isa City Council's Environmental Health Section for further information.
  12. Live ammunition, liquid waste (e.g. paints, thinners and oils) and hot/smouldering materials must not be included in garbage. Please contact the Mount Isa City Council at (07) 4747 3200 for advice regarding disposal.

Wheelie bin replacements can be purchased from the Mount Isa City Council. For maintenance or replacement, please contact the council on (07) 4747 3200. Stolen wheelie bins must be reported to the Mount Isa Police.

Wheelie bins have a serial number and are assigned to street addresses, they can be traced by this number. Please ensure that if you sell the property or move to another address, your wheelie bin remains at the address it is registered to.

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