Waste Levy

A levy on waste going to landfill began on 1 July 2019.

This is part of a new waste strategy for Queensland – creating a future where waste is avoided, reused and recycled to the greatest possible extent.

The levy will encourage business and industry to reduce, reuse and recycle more, only sending waste that cannot be recovered to landfill.

Queenslanders are encouraged to do their bit by reducing household waste and recycling more.

Domestic Waste disposal costs will not be affected by the Waste Levy - there will be no direct cost for kerbside wheelie bin collections or self-hauled loads taken into Waste Facilities. . However, there will be significant costs to the community to implement the waste levy.

The 105 percent rebate also does not cover the significant additional costs to implement and operate the Waste Levy each year, or the new infrastructure costs Council is incurring. 

Council and the Mount Isa community are expecting to pay approximately: 

·         $ 3,000,000 per year to the State in Waste Levy payments;

·         $ 1,250,000 per year in additional staff costs and general operations for Council; 

And, implementation costs of approximately: 

·         $ 2,400,000 in necessary new infrastructure and plant; and

·         $    300,000 for staff, software and training to setup the Waste Levy at Mount Isa. 

Business will pay a waste levy. To reduce levy charges, businesses are encouraged to reduce waste generation, recycle as much as possible and consider options when purchasing items that reduce waste generation. The Queensland Government has helpful resources available here.

The ecoBiz program is a free initiative funded by the Queensland Government that helps businesses save money across their energy, water and waste bills by providing free tailored advice on reducing business waste, energy and water. 


Planet Ark Business Recycling provides
useful tips for reducing waste.

The intent of the levy is to reduce waste going to landfill. Everyone is encouraged to reduce, reuse and recycle.  

The levy rate starts at $75.00 per tonne excluding GST. To find out more about levy rates visit the Queensland Government’s waste disposal levy page.

Some waste will be exempt from the levy, such as waste from natural disasters and waste collected from around charity bins. The Queensland Government has more information on waste that is exempt from the levy.

Unfortunately, this may be the case. Find out more about illegal dumping and how to report illegal dumping. You can also report it straight to us at Council via this online form.