RADF Funding Rounds

How To Apply

  1. Applicants need to review the Mount Isa City Council RADF guidelines.
  2. Speak with the RADF Liaison Officer if required.
  3. Complete the Mount Isa City Council RADF application form by the required date.
    (Note: incomplete and late applications will not be eligible for consideration in the advertised round)
  4. Applicants will be sent a letter of receipt of their application.
  5. Applicants will receive a letter of offer which is to be signed and returned to the RADF Liaison Officer along with an invoice to RADF C/- Mount Isa City Council for the approved RADF funding amount.

Funding Rounds 2020-2021

Opening 12 October 2020

Closing  Wednesday 12 November 2020

For projects starting after 18 November 2020

Opening 15 February 2021

Closing Wednesday 17 March 2021

For projects starting after 24 March 2021

Round Three

Opening 17 May 2021

Closing Wednesday 16 June 2021

For projects starting after 23 June 2021

Additional rounds may be available, subject to demand and available funds.

Application Documents

Apply Online