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Parking Information

Due to the limited amount of public parking spaces within the Central Business District (CBD) of Mount Isa City, Council has set parking restrictions in an effort to enhance the availability of these parking spaces fairly for all businesses.

It is the responsibility of our local community and Council's Local Law Officers to ensure that these restrictions are complied with as per the map below. 

Disability Parking

Council has nominated accessible parking throughout the city for people with disabilities who hold a permit.

Issuing of Permits

Disability parking permits are issued and maintained by the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

You can apply for a disability parking permit by clicking here

Caravan Parking  

Council has allocated Caravan parking throughout the city for both locals and visitors to the area.

‘Parking' means: "to permit a vehicle whether attended or not to remain stationary except for the purposes of avoiding conflict with other traffic or complying with the provisions of any law or immediately picking up or setting down persons or goods."

To ‘Stop' means: when applied to or in respect of any person, vehicle, tram, train, or animal, means to halt and remain halted while  required to by lawful authority."

The terms "No Parking" and "No Stopping" mean that these practices are prohibited during the indicated times.

"Pick up and Set Down Only" Areas: Pick up and set down only areas are designed to allow large numbers of vehicles to pick up or set down their passengers in a short length of time. These bays are "No Parking" areas but vehicles are permitted to stop or 'stand' in them to immediately pick up or set down passengers.

"No Stopping" Areas: Some areas in the vicinity of businesses are set aside as "No Stopping". The reason for this is that stationary vehicles in these areas restricts the free movement of other vehicles in the street, limits the visibility of other motorists, or narrows the road to the extent whereby traffic flow is severely restricted.

Vehicles are not permitted to stop in "No Stopping" areas to drop off or pick up passengers at all irrespective of how quickly they do this.

The following outlines several different prohibited or restricted activities that often occur within our streets.

Sale of Vehicles

Advertising a vehicle for sale on part of the road reserve without Council approval is an offence under Mount Isa City Council’s Local Law 4 – Local Government Controlled Areas, Facilities and Roads. Many people do not realise this and get caught out when they place their vehicle on their front verge or on the median strip of a road reserve.

Parking or Leave Standing an Unregistered Vehicle on a Council Controlled Area

Under Local Law 4, parking an unregistered vehicle on a Council Controlled Area (i.e. median strips, footpath, car park, verge etc) is prohibited.

Park or Stand Vehicle Facing Against Traffic Flow

When parking a vehicle on a road, the vehicle must be parked facing in the same direction of the traffic flow. To park or stand a vehicle facing against the traffic flow is an offence under the local law and the State Road Traffic Code.

Riding on Footpaths in the CBD

Riding a bicycle, wheeled recreational device or wheeled toy on a footpath within the central business district is prohibited. These footpaths are clearly identified through signage.

All road users are strongly encouraged to make the effort to park legally which will result in roads being safer to drive on and will allow customers/tourists to visit businesses quickly and safely.

Should you have any queries or concerns regarding parking please contact the Administration Office on 4747 3200. An officer will be quite happy to listen to your concerns and/or explain any relevant laws.

Your cooperation is appreciated and it is hoped that this information will help clear up any confusion or misunderstanding on these parking matters.

Speed Limits

Council adheres to guidelines for assessing and changing speed limits on council-owned roads. If you have any concerns, please contact us. The speed limit in “local streets” or “built-up areas” is 50km/h unless otherwise indicated by signs.

Reduced speed limits are at school zones, road works and other special areas.

School Zone Times can be found on the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads website by clicking here