Rates Payments Commitments

If you are unable to pay your rates in full by the due date, Council may allow you to pay the outstanding rates balances by regular instalments. An approved payment commitment will generally result in all overdue rates and charges being paid in full within six (6) months.

As per the Local Government Regulation 2012, Chapter 4, Section 133 (1) interest is payable on overdue rates and charges, as such all payment commitments for outstanding rates and charges will accrue interest of 8% per annum compounding daily.

Should you fail to comply with an approved payment commitment, your payment commitment will be cancelled and forwarded to Council's Debt Recovery Agent without further notice to you. Under legislation all legal costs are recoverable from you.

To apply for an approved payment commitment, please complete the Payment Commitment Application form and submit to Council by one of the following methods:

Post to:

Chief Executive Officer
Mount Isa City Council
PO Box 815
Mount Isa QLD 4825

In Person to: 

Mount Isa City Council
Administration Building
23 West Street
Mount Isa QLD 4825

Please note: Council does not accept requests for payment commitments over the telephone. Council agents such as Australia Post cannot accept requests for payment commitments.

Council will provide written confirmation of an approved payment commitment once your application has been processed. Council encourages you to commence payments immediately whilst your application is being reviewed.

Completion and submission of a Payment Commitment Application form is not enough to stop your account from being referred to Council's Debt Recovery Agent.

Please note, acceptance of your Payment Commitment Application is not an approval of you request.

Financial Hardship Payment Commitments

If you are claiming for financial hardship, Council needs additional documentation to be submitted. Council requires this documentation to accurately, equitably, and fairly review all applications. Without this documentation, you cannot be assessed for financial hardship. Council advises ratepayers who have submitted a financial hardship application to Council to commence payments immediately whilst your application is being reviewed. For further information, please view the Financial Hardship Information Form.

Who is Recoveries & Reconstruction (Aust) Pty Ltd?

Recoveries & Reconstruction (Aust) Pty Ltd are a recovery agent who acts on Council's behalf in assisting with collection of outstanding rates and charges. Their contact details are:

Recoveries & Reconstruction (Aust) Pty Ltd
PO Box 101
Southport QLD 4215

I have received a letter from Recoveries & Reconstruction (Aust) Pty Ltd regarding my outstanding rates. Why have I been sent this letter?

This letter relates to one of the following:​

  • Your outstanding rates, where a payment commitment has not been entered into writing; or
  • A dishonoured payment commitment

Please do not ignore this letter as failure to respond within the stated time on the letter can lead to significant costs which Council has the legal right under legislation to recover from you.

Rates and Charges Debt Recovery Policy

Can I still pay my rates in full if I have received this letter?

Yes you can still pay your rates in full. Please contact Council via telephone or email to obtain the outstanding amount and you must make payment the same day. You can find details of payment methods on the back of your rates or water consumption notice.

If you are unable to make payment the same day or in full please contact the Recoveries & Reconstruction (Aust) Pty Ltd to organise a payment commitment.

Please note that Council staff will accept any payment towards your outstanding rates and charges but this does not constitute a payment commitment.

If you pay less than the full amount outstanding, you are still required to contact the recovery agent on your letter to make a payment commitment.

Council staff are unable to discuss or make a new payment commitment if you have received a letter from a recovery agent.

Why is the amount provided by Council different to the amount on the letter from the Recovery Agent?

The amount provided by Council is the most recent amount outstanding including interest and legal charges.

Please contact Council immediately if you believe you have received a letter in error.