Corporate Publications Documents

Name Size File Type Download
2019-2020 Budget at a Glance 464kB PDF
2019-2020 Capital Works 177kB PDF
2019-20 Debt Policy 242kB PDF
2019.20 Revenue Policy 240kB PDF
2019-20 Revenue Statement 608kB PDF
Statement of Income and Expenditure, Statement of Changes in Equity, Cash Flow Statement, Statement of Financial Position 707kB PDF
Statutory Financial Statements, Relevant Measures of Finanical Sustainability and Long Term Financial Forecast 1.01MB PDF
Corporate Plan 2020 3.59MB PDF
2018.19 Capital Works Supporting Schedule 714kB PDF
2018.19 Debt Policy 417kB PDF
2018.19 Investment Policy 582kB PDF
2018.19 Procurement Policy 637kB PDF
2018.19 Revenue Policy 534kB PDF
2018.19 Revenue Statement 1.22MB PDF
2017.18 Annual Report 6.36MB PDF
2017.18 Budget Documents 3.53MB PDF
2017-2018 Budget Summary 2.55MB PDF
2017.18 Budgeted Statements 79kB PDF
2017.18 Capital Works Program 93kB PDF
2017.18 Debt Policy 275kB PDF
2017.18 Investment Policy 885kB PDF
2017.18 Mount Isa Rates Brochure 2.55MB PDF
2017.18 Procurement Policy 637kB PDF
2017.18 Revenue Policy 302kB PDF
2017.18 Revenue Statement 1.25MB PDF
2017-2020 Economic Development Strategy Report Card 680kB PDF
2016.17 Annual Report 11.2MB PDF
2016.17 Annual Report 11.2MB PDF
2015.16 Annual Report 17.76MB PDF
Amended Budget 1 Capital works supporting document 656kB PDF
Amended Statement of Cash Flows 204kB PDF
Amended Statement of Comprehensive Income 214kB PDF
Amended Statement of Equity 182kB PDF
Application for Advertising 275kB PDF
Application For A Building Compliance Notice 54kB PDF
Application For Boundary Dispensation 169kB PDF
Code of Conduct for Councillors 247kB PDF
Combined Forms and Documents for MCU Package 1.05MB PDF
Commercial Fees and Charges 966kB PDF
Cost Recovery Fees 1.34MB PDF
Councillor Investigation Policy 302kB PDF
Drinking Water Quality Management Plan 2.72MB PDF
Financial Delegations Register 327kB PDF
Investment Policy 297kB PDF
Investment prospectus - Mount Isa City Council 1.67MB PDF
Local Preference Purchasing Policy 224kB PDF
Model Meeting Procedures 306kB PDF
Operational Plan 2020-2021 985kB PDF
Procurement Policy 641kB PDF
Sport and Recreation Strategy 2018-2027 10.21MB PDF
Standing Orders Policy 344kB PDF
Local Housing Action Plan 2021-2025 3.11MB PDF
Economic Development Strategy 6.75MB PDF
Operational Plan 2023-24 18.54MB PDF