RADF Categories

There are six categories of funding available.

To be eligible for funding, applications must:

  • demonstrate how the project will directly benefit arts and culture in the Mount Isa Local Government Area
  • demonstrate strong alignment with RADF objectives

Category 1: Developing Regional Skills

For Council, individual professional artists and artsworkers living in regional Queensland to attend professional development seminars or activities; master classes, mentorships with recognised arts and cultural peers; and placements with recognised arts and cultural organisations.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate the direct benefits to the local arts community as a result of this professional development opportunity.

Category 2: Building Community Cultural Capacity

For community groups to engage a professional artist or artsworker to work with them on developing their arts practice, or to run arts development workshops or community projects.

  • RADF grants will support travel, accommodation and fees associated with employing professional artists or artsworkers to work on community projects or workshops in the local community that clearly demonstrate a community need and benefit. 

Category 3: Cultural Tourism

This theme supports projects which make cultural life visible within the Mount Isa Region through creating place based cultural activities which develop the regions cultural heritage and help promote cultural tourism. 

Category 4: Contemporary Collections/Stories

To preserve and provide access to locally held collections of significance, and collect and tell local stories from the past and the present that can demonstrate state and/or local significance. The priorities for this category are proposals for post-1960 heritage and Indigenous stories that can demonstrate strong community participation and ownership.

RADF grants can support:

  • documentation, preservation, interpretation projects and collection management training through community-based workshops
  • community stories, which can be documented in a variety of forms and mediums, including: plays, videos, artwork, digital exhibitions, education programs, oral histories and publications. 

Category 5: Regional Partnerships

To encourage innovative and energizing arts projects where artists, communities and councils work together in their community, or in partnership with another community, to achieve enhanced outcomes from RADF grants.

RADF grants will support projects that can demonstrate a partnership between:

  • artists and local industry
  • artists and community arts organisations
  • artists and non-arts community organisations
  • cross-council collaborations

Category 6: Young People

This theme aims to support young individual professional and emerging artists or arts and cultural workers living in the Mount Isa Region and encourage growth in their practice.

Support and more information

You must contact the RADF Liaison Officer to discuss your proposal. Contact Council on (07) 4747 3200 and ask for the RADF Liaison Officer, or email radf@mountisa.qld.gov.au