RADF Outcome Reports & Acknowledgements


All RADF funded activities must acknowledge the Queensland Government and the Mount Isa City Council in all promotional material and publications by including the RADF 2024-2025 acknowledgement text and appropriate logos:

"The Regional Arts Development Fund is a partnership between the Queensland Government and the Mount Isa City Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland."

You can download the Queensland Government logo and style guide at this page.

Contact the RADF Liaison Officer for instructions on how to obtain and use Council’s logo.

RADF Key Performance Outcomes

All projects receiving RADF funding are required to report on their contribution towards the following RADF 2024-25 Key Performance Outcomes (KPOs):


  • Produces or contributes to high-quality arts and cultural initiatives for local communities
  • Proven capacity to effectively support and deliver arts and cultural services


  • Provides access to and engagement in arts and culture for diverse communities, practitioners, participants and audiences
  • Evidence of local demand for proposed program/s
  • Demonstrates community and stakeholder involvement in RADF priority setting, decision making and evaluation


  • Demonstrates cultural, artistic, social or economic returns on investment
  • Supports one or more Queensland Government objectives for the community including encouraging safe and inclusive communities, building regions, supporting disadvantaged Queenslanders, stimulating economic growth and innovation, increasing workforce participation and conserving heritage.


  • Evidence of good planning for strong governance and management of RADF at a local level
  • Evidence of partnership capacity with partners including business and government

Outcome Report

All Arts Fund 2024-25 funded activities are required to complete a Project Outcome Report (for Public Projects and Activities, and for Professional Career Development Activities) no more than eight weeks after completing your funded activity. The Project Outcome Report will be provided to you by the Mount Isa City Council.

The report must show evidence of the outcomes of the activity and should include information about the success/difficulties of your project, key performance outcomes, budget and support material and photographs, videos, press clippings or brochures. Failure to produce the report ultimately leads to the applicant becoming ineligible for further funding. 

Reviewing the outcome reports is an integral part of the Committee cycle of activities as it allows the Committee to:

  • Note program outcomes
  • Assess the benefits and drawbacks of different activities
  • Learn from the difficulties experienced in activities
  • Reflect on the decisions made during the last funding round
  • Celebrate successes, great and small
  • Set new priorities and directions
  • Consider the ongoing relevance of the Council’s arts and cultural development policy.

Outcome reports do not have to be formally assessed by the RADF Committee, but should be presented and recorded in the minutes at any RADF Committee meeting.