Footpaths and Nature Strips


Maintenance of long grass, the surface of the path area and trees on the footpath are the responsibility of the owner/occupier of the property.

Undertaking works on a footpath

Before undertaking any works on a footpath, an application must be lodged with Council.  Failure to gain permission from Council to carry out works on the footpath may result in Council issuing instructions or undertaking actions to remove any unauthorised works at the property owner’s cost.

The owner or occupier of any property must at all times ensure that at least 1.5m of the footpath or verge area is clear of all obstacles and safely accessible by pedestrians.

It is strongly recommended that the location of Council underground services, such as water, sewer and stormwater, be determined and a Dial Before You Dig search is conducted for other underground services such as telecommunication, gas and power prior to commencing any works on the footpath area of your property.

Any damage to these services is the responsibility of the property owner/occupier.

Trees under and around powerlines

Council is actively participating in Ergon Energy's Plant Smart program to help you choose the right plants for planting near powerlines.

We hope to ensure that your trees won’t grow into powerlines, potentially disrupting the power supply to you and your neighbours and bringing live powerlines to the ground in a storm or windy conditions. It also ensures Ergon Energy’s tree management contractors won’t have to remove a tree that you’ve come to love.