Copper Smelter Announcement Great News for Mount Isa

Mayor Danielle Slade

Published: 23rd September 2020

Mayor Danielle Slade has welcomed today’s announcement that the copper smelter at Mount Isa Mines will remain open and operational for the next few years, following an agreement reached between the Queensland Government and Glencore.

“Mount Isa Mines is the backbone of the city’s economy, and the copper smelter is the backbone of Mount Isa Mines,” Cr Slade said.

“I welcome the news of this commitment, which will safeguard thousands of direct and indirect jobs in Mount Isa and secures the ongoing operation of the copper smelter beyond 2022.

“It’s also pleasing to hear that the agreement will enable Glencore to invest up to $500 million into the copper smelter and the copper refinery in Townsville over the coming years, and that the copper smelter will be re-bricked in 2022.

“The copper smelter employs more than 300 local workers, and is critical to the economy of not just Mount Isa, but to the wider North West area and North Queensland.

“Incitec Pivot’s Phosphate Hill and Acid Plant operations are also dependent on the Copper Smelter remaining open, and it’s fantastic that their operations will also continue and there is job security for hundreds of their employees.

“I thank and congratulate Glencore and the Queensland Government for their efforts in working together for this excellent outcome.”