Thorough Cleaning of Water Mains Completed

Published: 21st August 2020

More than 16 kilometres of water reticulation mains in Mount Isa have been cleaned and sanitised after the successful completion of works to ensure residents continue to have access to quality town water.

Council recently engaged the services of an ozonation cleaning contractor, Grenof, to clean reticulated water mains – from an initial 10km to 16km across the city – over a 14-day period from late July to early August.

The works were prompted by concerns over the low levels of chlorine reaching the outer extremities of the reticulation network.

The age of Council’s infrastructure necessitates a periodic cleaning program to maintain the quality of the delivered water to customers.

These low levels of chlorine led to Council issuing “boil water notices” to three areas of the city. The cleaning process targeted these areas and the water mains servicing them.

The process was a combination of ozone injected into the lines and pressure dislodgement of internal build-up.

Following on from these cleaning works, it is expected that Council will soon remove the “boil water notices” following a consistent period of acceptable sampling results being obtained.

In line with Council’s commitment to an improved quality of water supply, as of Thursday August 20, the sampling and testing of the Mount Isa and Camooweal potable water supplies is now being performed by Council staff specifically recruited for these tasks.

Previously, external contractors ran the sampling and testing system.

This changeover will result in reduced costs to residents and an increase in the technical skill base to the Council.