Tip Tokens Scheme Renewed for 2023

Tip Tokens

Published: 3rd November 2023

Council has reviewed its process to distribute tip tokens to improve accessibility and utilisation of the scheme. Previously, tip tokens have been issued by Council in conjunction with the rates notices, often limiting access to the refuse facility as tokens have been lost, misplaced, or not made available to the tenants of rental properties.

Council now wishes to advise, that in lieu of physical tip tokens, residents can present their current rates notice or driver licence with a residential Mount Isa address to claim free residential refuse disposal from Monday 6 November 2023.

This can be accessed on six (6) occasions per residential property and will be valid until 30 June 2024.

The same conditions will apply as per the previous scheme; free entry into the waste management facility, valid only for domestic vehicles carrying domestic/residential waste. This includes:

· Cars

· Box trailers

· Vans

· Utilities

This means, a car towing a trailer, both carrying waste for disposal, would count as two allocated visits for that property.

In addition, in November Council will provide two (2) domestic waste amnesty days on Saturday 11 and Saturday 18 November 2023 in preparation for the upcoming storm season.

Mayor Slade said that Councillors reviewed the updated scheme which will improve access to the refuse facility, potentially reduce illegal dumping and be fairer and more equitable for ratepayers and residents alike.

“The new scheme is hoped to be easier and more accessible for all and it will be reviewed at the end of next financial year to see if residents have seen improvements with getting access to their tip token entitlement.” Cr Slade said