Progress Made on Camooweal Cultural Heritage Management Plan

Camooweal - Georgina River

Published: 24th August 2023

Mount Isa City Council and the Indjalandji-Dhidhanu people – the custodians of the land encompassing the three temporarily closed Camooweal campsites – are at an advanced stage of developing a draft Cultural Heritage Management Plan, as well as a management plan for the Georgina River campsite.

When completed, the draft Cultural Heritage Management Plan and the Campsite Management Plan will be put out for key stakeholder and public consultation.

Council will consider all feedback from interested parties and the community before making a final decision on the management regime for the campsite when it reopens, which is expected to be well before the next tourism season.

The purposes of the Cultural Heritage Management Plan and the Campsite Management Plan is for stakeholders to have agreed principles and understanding and to work together to:

  • Ensure the protection and avoidance of any area, object or site in the area of particular significance to the Indjalandji-Dhidhanu people in accordance with their traditional laws, values and customs;
  • Establish an agreed set of principles acceptable to all stakeholders to manage and minimise visitor impacts in the campsite and the surrounding environment;
  • Preserve and enhance the natural values of the area; and
  • Protect the unique flora and fauna of the area.