Rate Notices for All Properties (Residential and Non-Residential)

Rates notification Feb 2024

Published: 23rd February 2024

Council advises that rates notices for the period ending 30 June 2024 were issued on Monday 12 February, and are due for payment in full by 4.30pm on Wednesday 13 March 2024.

Rates notices have been posted to the last known postal address registered with Council. It is the owner's responsibility to notify Council in writing of any change of address.

If you have not received your rates notice, please contact Council to obtain a copy.

Due to a change in Council's finance systems, rates and water notices will now be issued on separate accounts. This means that your rates and water notices will have different account and payment reference details. When paying your rates or water notice, please check your payment details to ensure you are making the payment to the correct account.

For ratepayers that receive notices electronically, and with the change in systems, you may be required to re-register to eNotices to receive your notices. To sign up for electronic notices, please refer to the link on your current rate notice, or visit https://www.mountisa.qld.gov.au/homepage/307/rates-enotices for more information.

Pay your rates notice account with ease using one of the many payment options Council offers. For more information, visit www.mountisa.qld.gov.au/pay-my-rates.

If you are unable to pay your rates notices in full, or would like further information on account balances for both rates and water accounts, contact Council on 4747 3200 or email city@mountisa.qld.gov.au.

Council is committed to providing you with flexible payment solutions.