Registration Registration

All dogs living in the Mount Isa City Council region must be registered. Fines apply if your dog is not registered and if the registration details are not up to date.Your pet must wear its registration tag at all times. Check the tag regularly and replace it if damaged, so if your pet becomes lost, Council can promptly identify it and return your pet to you.

Update your dog registration details:

Dog owners will receive a renewal notice in the mail. If your mailing address or any other details have changed please ensure your submit a change of address form.

Registration fees


Registration of a Dog up to 12 weeks old (Including Microchip) - $80.00

Desexed Male/Female (Without microchip) - $46.00

Desexed Male/Female (With microchip) - $32.00

Entire Male/Female (Without microchip) - $140.00

Entire Male/Female (With microchip) - $115.00


Section 14 of the Animal Management (Cats & Dogs) Act 2008 requires the owner of a cat or dog that was born since 12 December 2010 & is between the age of twelve (12) weeks or over, to microchip their animal. Council will provide micro chipping vouchers to those who are required to pay for their animal to be micro chipped; this is an additional $64 fee to the registration cost. The micro chipping voucher can be utilised at any Mount Isa Veterinary Surgery.


Council conducts regular systematic inspections throughout the Region particularly targeting those with outstanding dog registration.

Keeping more than 2 cats or dogs

If you wish to keep more than dogs on your property, you will need to follow a certain procedure. You will be required to complete an application form.

Both forms can be found in the section below.

Downloadable forms: