Water Mains to be Cleaned and Scoured

Published: 17th July 2020

Council will soon be taking precautionary measures to clean out water mains near sections of Moondarra Drive, Mica Creek Road and Duchess Road, to ensure customers in those areas continue to have access to quality reticulated town water.

Following recent testing, Council determined that, due to the age of the water mains in those systems and recent low use, it was necessary for the mains to be flushed and disinfected.

Council will engage the services of National Association of Testing Authorities-certified company Grenof to carry out the environmentally friendly treatment, which will include isolating the mains and ensuring minimal water loss.

The work is expected to be done in the coming weeks and will involve the use of water saturated with ozone gas.

Ozone is a powerful disinfectant and has the added advantage of rapidly breaking down into harmless oxygen.

Council will ensure that the interruption to the water supply for affected customers is kept to a minimum during the works.

Council has issued notices to residents in the affected areas advising them to boil their tap water first before drinking it.

For more information, please call Council on 4747 3200.