Council Taking Water Losses Seriously


Published: 22nd June 2020

Council will be investing $850,000 in the coming year to tackle water losses throughout the city’s water supply system and will be looking at other ways to help save this precious resource.

Earlier this year, an independent consultant was engaged by Council to analyse its systems and carry out a gap review.

The consultant’s subsequent report detailed actions – such as implementing an active leak-detection system, as well as pressure management – that Council can take to minimise further water losses.

These losses can result from issues including leaking ageing water infrastructure and main breaks.

Mayor Danielle Slade said it was a priority for Council to do whatever it can to address this important issue.

“Water losses not only mean this precious resource is wasted and can’t be used by Mount Isa residents to drink, or to cook, clean or water their gardens with, but it also costs Council a significant amount of money,” Cr Slade said.

“The hundreds of kilometres of water pipes and infrastructure across Mount Isa are, as a whole, admittedly quite advanced in age, and we as a Council will take the necessary steps to minimise future water losses as much as possible.

“Earlier this month, the Queensland Government announced we would receive $2.5 million as part of the special COVID Works for Queensland funding program.

“Of this, we will direct $850,000 into valve and water mains replacements in high-priority sections of the reticulated water network.

“The consultant’s recommendations include to bring in an annual active leak-detection program, to determine exactly where leaks from faulty pipes, valves and other infrastructure are happening, and we will definitely be looking further into implementing this.”

Council is investigating the strategic placement of system metering to capture losses in specific distribution areas and narrow down the areas where repair works can provide the most value for money.

Council will also further investigate the option of implementing water pressure management, through the installation of pressure-monitoring devices and pressure-reducing valves.

Cr Slade said if members of the public discover a water leak on a road or Council land, they are urged to use the Snap Send Solve app through the Google Play or Apple App stores or website at, or call Council’s after-hours plumber on 0428 981 724.