Riversleigh Fossil Centre Upgrade Starts to Take Shape

Riversleigh Revitalisation Update
Construction is well underway at the Riversleigh Fossil Centre at Outback at Isa, with the construction of a new entrance progressing.

Published: 30th March 2020

The upgrade work at Outback at Isa’s Riversleigh Fossil Centre is beginning to take shape, with an exciting new entrance passage for the centre currently being constructed.

While Outback at Isa itself may be closed to the public due to recent COVID-19 restrictions that have been introduced, work is continuing on Riversleigh Fossil Centre’s revitalisation project.

Site fencing and scaffolding have been erected on Outback at Isa’s southern entrance, near the main carpark, while contractors carry out work on the new entry and garden area, including removing existing walls and extending the footprint of the Fossil Centre.

Concreting works are underway in the garden area to modify the walkway and install footings for the signage for the new centre.

The new sign will also provide great photo opportunities for tourists and will link the Riversleigh Fossil Centre with the mammal fossils that the World Heritage-listed Riversleigh area is well-known and recognised for.

The new entry to the indoor toilets is also now in operation and provides easier access to these facilities.

Construction work began in mid-February, with demolition of the Riversleigh Fossil Centre’s interior completed earlier this month.

A local Mount Isa business, Clancy Corporation, has been subcontracted by the creative design team that is delivering the revitalisation project and is engaging a number of other local businesses to deliver the $2 million project.

The revitalisation works were made possible thanks to funding from the Department of Innovation and Tourism Industry Development through the Outback Tourism Infrastructure Fund, as well as the North West Queensland Economic Diversification Implementation Plan.