Disruption to water services

Published: 20th March 2020

A critical break to infrastructure has been experienced by the Mount Isa Water Board today, affecting the volume of water available to the community.

The Water Board has informed council that the usual maximum daily supply of 20 megalitres will be reduced to 15 megalitres, slashing the community’s available water by 25 per cent effective immediately, until the services are restored, expected mid next week.

Council has now stopped park and public space irrigation and are looking at measures to conserve water throughout all council services, but we require residents to assist where possible. Residents may experience a reduction in water flow outside of peak hours to assist with the conservation efforts.

We urge the community to please reduce water consumption and conserve water wherever possible throughout the weekend, and until the services can be fully restored. Obviously handwashing and cleanliness around COVID-19 precautions remain a high priority, but we urge residents to cut back where possible including outside watering practices. 

At this stage Council have been informed by the Mount Isa Water Board that the breaks will be fixed as soon as possible, and we will continue to inform the community throughout the weekend as information becomes available.