JJ Richards to Deliver Kerbside Waste Collections in Mount Isa and Cloncurry

Published: 18th July 2022

Following a competitive joint tender process, Mount Isa City Council and Cloncurry Shire Council have resolved to award JJ Richards with contracts to deliver kerbside waste-collection services.

Cloncurry Shire Council indicated that the joint tender process was an opportunity to secure operational efficiencies within its waste-management operations.

Mount Isa City Council undertook a broader market testing exercise around kerbside waste-collection services commencing in late 2021, with a view to identifying the most efficient, cost-effective means of delivering high-quality waste services capable of meeting community expectations well into the future. 

Mount Isa Mayor Danielle Slade said there would be minimal impact for residents during the transition from Council-run services expected to take place in late 2022.

“Mount Isa City Council is one of few Councils across Australia that provides a waste-collection service using its own equipment and labour. This change will bring us in line with most other Councils, where services are provided by private companies,” Cr Slade said.

“In addition, the two new rubbish collection trucks that Mount Isa City Council took possession of late last year will be purchased by JJ Richards as part of the new agreement.”

Cloncurry Mayor Greg Campbell identified the benefits of working together, stating: “The approach taken by Cloncurry and Mount Isa here has meant that we have found a way to improve service levels at the same time as reducing operating costs, which is a great outcome for both Councils.”