Concept Designs for Revitalisation of City Lookout

City Lookout concept
One of the artist’s impressions for the City Lookout revitalisation project.

Published: 13th October 2021

Mount Isa City Council is asking local residents to pick their preferred design for the revitalisation of the John Campbell Miles Memorial (City) Lookout, with people now able to choose between two concept designs.

The full Proposed Mount Isa City Lookout Revitalisation document, as well as the survey people can use to pick the concept design they prefer, can be found on Council’s website at

Council is proposing to revitalise the City Lookout over the next few years to create a vibrant, exciting space for locals and tourists alike.

The upgrades are anticipated to include a new ramp to the west lookout; a vehicle turnaround loop; more parking spaces, including disabled parking; north-, south-, east- and west-facing lookouts; picnic lawn areas; new furnishings and shelters; and exercise loops.

The survey will be open until mid-November 2021.

The most popular option will be presented to Council for approval later this year.

Council will be seeking funding in the future to assist with the costs associated with the project.