Cr Paul Stretton

Cr Paul Stretton


"I have a real passion for family based clubs (sporting or otherwise) in our city."

Email: Mobile: 0427 491 327

Register of Interests of Councillor

Portfolio: Environmental Management, Waste Management, Environmental Health, Water and Sewerage, Local Laws (Animal Management Facility), Camooweal

Councillor Bio

My Great Grandfather first arrived in Mount Isa in 1926 with my Grandfather Bob Stretton who were butchers, slaughtermen and owners of local cattle properties. During their time here my father was born, so I am proud to say that I am a true Mount Isa local, born and bred. 

As a proud descendant of the Strettons and the Rafters, I have lived in Mount Isa most of my life where I completed my primary education, although my senior education was completed at boarding school. I married in Mount Isa in 1990 and we have 3 children who were also born and educated locally and still reside here today.

After finishing school I completed a diesel fitting trade with the Main Roads Department, then went on to manage our family property for a few years before moving back to Mount Isa to work at Mount Isa Mines and raise my family. In 1989 I decided standing still wasn’t for me so I took a big challenge when I decided I would attempt to get my pilot’s license – I have been a qualified pilot for over 25 years now.

As I am the type of person who loves a bit of a challenge, and In 2005 I resigned from Mount Isa Mines and my wife and I purchased our own locally run business which we still have today. We have managed to turn the business around tenfold and we enjoy the fact that we have been able to offer assistance to varied local fundraising events and clubs over the years.

During my time in Mount Isa I have been heavily involved in many local school and sporting activities when my children were younger and served as a committee member with several sporting clubs, including Warrigals Rugby Union and Mount Isa Rugby Union Club. During my time with the MIRU I was elected as the president of the club which gave me the greatest opportunity to turn the financially struggling clubhouse and dying sport around and bring it back to life – Rugby Union is still today a very popular sport and sports ground within our local community. 

I received a lot of recognition and respect during my years with this sport. I have a real passion for family based clubs (sporting or otherwise) in our city, which slowly seem to be fading away, so to be able to turn Rugby back to a financially sound, family orientated sporting ground and venue was truly an honour to me.

So, as a very passionate local, I am honoured to serve as a Councillor.