John Campbell Miles Memorial Lookout Concepts

Lookout Concept Overview

Two landscape concepts have been created for the John Campbell Miles Memorial (Mount Isa City) Lookout.

All options include the following:

  • A new compliant ramp to the west lookout located between the water tank and telecoms tower;
  • 30 carparking spaces (& 3 disabled carparking spaces);
  • Food van parking;
  • North-, south-, east- and west-facing lookouts;
  • Picnic lawn areas facing south and east;
  • New furnishings, shelters and urban design;
  • Stairs down to a new carpark at the bottom of the lookout;
  • Exercise loops;
  • A widened footpath on the east side of Lookout Road.

Option 1 only includes:

  • An elevated lookout structure and vehicle turnaround.

Option 2 only includes:

  • A refurbished lookout structure;
  • A loop path around the water tank;
  • North lookout to rear of tank.

Click here to view the full Proposed Mount Isa City Lookout Revitalisation document.

City Lookout Option 2

City Lookout Revitalisation - Option 1

City Lookout Option 1

City Lookout Revitalisation - Option 2