Part 3 Strategic Framework


3.1 Preliminary

  1. The strategic framework sets the policy direction for the Planning Scheme and forms the basis for ensuring appropriate development occurs within the Planning Scheme area for the life of the Planning Scheme.
  2. Mapping for the strategic framework is included in Schedule 2.
  3. For the purpose of describing the policy direction for the planning scheme, the strategic framework is structured in the following way:
  • the strategic intent;
  • the following five themes that collectively represent the policy intent of the scheme:
    1. Settlement Patterns and Sustainable Growth;
    2. Natural Environment and Scenic Amenity;
    3. Natural Resources;
    4. Providing Infrastructure and Services; and
    5. A Sustainable Local Economy.
  • the strategic outcome(s) sought for development in the Planning Scheme area for each theme.
  • the element(s) that refine and further describe the strategic outcome(s).
  • the specific outcomes sought for each or a number of elements; and
  • the land use strategies for achieving these outcomes.

Although each theme has its own section, the strategic framework is read in its entirety as the policy direction for the Planning Scheme.

3.2 Strategic intent

The Mount Isa local government area is approximately 43,310 km2 in size, making it geographically the second largest city in Australia.  The local government area includes the primary urban centre of Mount Isa and the township of Camooweal (200km North West of Mount Isa).

Mount Isa has a resident population of approximately 23,000, of which approximately 20 per cent are indigenous people.  The City supports development of both regional and state significance and functions as the administrative, commercial and industrial centre of North West Queensland.  The North West Regional Plan identifies Mount Isa as the major regional activity centre of the region.

Mount Isa also sits at the heart of the North West Minerals Province - a world class mining and mineral’s processing precinct centred on the City.  The City serves as the hub for the exploration, extraction and processing of the region’s extensive mineral resources activity that has been the primary driver of growth and development within the City throughout most of its history. 

The long-term sustainability of the City will continue to be heavily reliant on future mining and resource related development but is looking to diversify over time to other industries and businesses.  The City’s ability to sustain additional mining and resource related development, ancillary industry activities and supporting community services and facilities will depend on the management and timely provision of essential infrastructure, and the availability and affordability of residential land and housing. 

To realise a sustainable future, the long-term community vision for Mount Isa is:

  1. To establish safe and healthy communities with a strong sense of identity which supports the people and group who work, live, play and visit here.
  2. To develop a prosperous and diverse local economy which supports existing industry and encourages new and innovative business and practices.
  3. To establish innovative and efficient infrastructure networks that services the local communities and industries.
  4. To recognise, protect, manage and promote our unique natural environment to ensure the economic, environmental, social and cultural values are developed for long term sustainability.
  5. To practice inclusive and ethical governance through proactive engagement with all sectors of the community, council and all levels of government.