The Mount Isa City Council is responsible for a number of types of drainage systems throughout the district. These include:

Open-Earth Drains

The maintenance of these drains (including long grass) is carried out on a suburb-by-suburb program. Some delays will be experienced during the wet seasons due to the large increase in maintenance work load.

Piped Storm Water

A very extensive drainage system exists beneath the City. The system comprises Reinforced Concrete Box Culverts (RCBC) and Reinforced Concrete Pipes (RCP). Road water is collected by kerbing in most areas and delivered into the drainage system via kerb inlets, gully inlets, etc.  The storm waters collected by the open ground and underground systems discharge directly into the Leichhardt River or into streams that flow into the Leichhardt River.  It is most important to not permit litter or contaminants such as oils, plants or fish from entering into the drainage system as these will find their way into the City’s water supply (Lake Moondarra) downstream of the storm water discharge points.

Property Drainage

Property owners are responsible for the maintenance of all property internal drainage systems including the connection into Council's storm water system.

Permission to access Council's storm water system must be sought in writing before any alteration to Council's system may occur.

Council normally does not permit any construction or obstruction to its drainage systems that are located in easements which may traverse properties.