Council maintains the shoulders, footpaths and median strips of State and Federal controlled roads. We don't maintain the roadways (seals, guideposts, vegetation etc), this is maintained by a contractor of the State Department of Transport and Main Roads.  These roads are:

  • Federal Controlled - Barkly Highway from Kalkadoon Park bridge to the Telecom Tower access road north east of Mount Isa
  • State Controlled - Gregory Road from Camooweal township to Burke Shire border.
  • Railway Ave/Powerhouse/Diamantina Developmental Road from Grace St traffic lights to the Mount Isa boundary on the Diamantina Developmental Road.
  • Camooweal/Duchess Road from Grace St to 4.8km along the Duchess Road south of Mount Isa.

Roadworks within the Shire

The Urban Construction Crews carry out the following tasks:

  • Kerbing construction for city works. (Crew is also available for hire)
  • Drainage construction.
  • Footpath and bikeway construction.
  • Beautification work such as paving, water barrier installations etc.
  • Road construction work.
  • Large-scale Council assets repairs and maintenance work.
  • Large-scale signage installation/update programs.

The Urban Maintenance Crews carry out the following tasks:

  • Repairs to kerbing and footpaths.
  • Repairs to access pits and pipes
  • Signage and vandalism repairs to Council property.
  • Mowing and slashing of reserves
  • Line marking and bitumen patching
  • The Rural Maintenance/Construction crew undertakes the upkeep of all Council rural roads.

The Rural Construction/Maintenance Crews are responsible for rural road construction work including drainage.

Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA)

Responding to natural disasters, including the provision of relief and recovery assistance to disaster-affected communities, is primarily the responsibility of state and territory governments ('the states'). However, in recognition of the significant cost of natural disasters, the Australian Government established the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA) to alleviate the financial burden on the states and to facilitate the early provision of assistance to disaster-affected communities.

MOUNT ISA: Since 2014, Council has been successful in securing more than $20 million in Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRAA) funding.

This has been made possible by using the services of private consultancy company SKLT Professional Services. As stipulated by Queensland Reconstruction Authority guidelines, Council are required to claim consultant wages under the funding arrangements. 

  • This has helped repair more than 300km of rural roads in the Mount Isa area since 2014.
  • NDRAA is a Federal Government initiative that fast-tracks funding to disaster-affected areas through State Governments.
  • If Council didn’t apply for NDRAA funding, it would have to pay for the repair of flood-damaged rural roads out of its own budget, thus costing ratepayers.
  • The funding allows major arterial roads to national parks and other attractions, including Lawn Hill, Riversleigh and Lake Julius, to remain open.
  • It ensures access to remote communities for emergency services, tourists and residents; ensures mines in the region can continue operating as normal; and lessens the impact of flood damage to local stock routes.
  • Most relief measures provided by the NDRAA are 75 percent funded by the Federal Government, with the remaining 25 percent covered by the State Government.
  • NDRAA funding is audited by Council’s internal auditing system as well as by the Queensland Reconstruction Authority.
  • Council is responsible for about 2000km of unsealed rural roads in our local area, and therefore accurate and complete assessments and funding applications are vital to ensuring everything progresses as it should.