Role, Conduct and Renumeration Role, Conduct and Renumeration

What is the role of a councillor?

Councillors represent their community to ensure the good rule and governance of their electoral area. In summary, councillors are responsible for:

  • planning for the delivery of services to the community
  • strategic planning for the future of the community
  • making local laws
  • adopting and implementing policy
  • administrating local government
  • enforcing legislation

Councillors have regular meetings to make decisions and to discuss local issues. Councillors focus on the policy directions of the local government, not the internal day-to-day administration of the local government. The role of councillors is to make decisions, which council officers can then implement on their behalf.

What is the role of the mayor?

The mayor has the duties of a councillor with the added responsibility of:

  • running Council meetings
  • representing the local government at civic or ceremonial functions

Councillors' Code of Conduct

The Mount Isa City Council has a strong commitment to open, accountable and ethical government. The Code of Conduct for Councillors sets out behaviours and, responsibilities for councillors as required under the Local Government Act 1993.

The key ethics principles of the code reflect the unique nature of councillors' responsibilities within the context of local government. The ethics principles are:

  • integrity of local government
  • primacy of the public interest
  • independence of action
  • appropriate use of information
  • transparency and scrutiny
  • appropriate use of entitlements

The code sets out the statutory, ethical and behavioural obligations by which councillors must abide. It outlines breaches and penalties under the Local Government Act, and describes how to make a complaint about a breach of the code.

Remuneration for elected representatives

Remuneration levels for councillors are set by an independent state government convened tribunal. Prior to amalgamation this was a matter for the individual council. Each year the tribunal undertakes a review of the remuneration levels and publishes a report with their recommendations.

For further information on the remuneration of councillors contact the Department of Local Government or download the most recent  Local Government Remuneration Tribunal Report. Past reports are also available via this link.