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Annual Reports

Financial Reports

For rates related forms and documents see the links below;

Application For Rates Pensioner Concession
Apply for a rates pensioner concession.
Change Of Postal Address
Keep your mailing details up to date.

Credit Note Request

Request a credit note

Creditor Details Form
Complete this form if you are a new creditor to council.

Debtors Application Details and Terms and Conditions Form

Rates Payment Commitment Application Form
This form is used to apply for a payment arrangement for rates.
Request For A Rates Review

Owners of rateable land have the right of objection to the category their land is included in. The only basis for objection shall be that at the date of issue of the rate notice having regard to the criteria adopted by Council the land should be in another category. All objections shall be in writing to the Chief Executive Officer. If the objection is successful, an adjustment will be made from the current rates period.

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