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Contractor Induction

Below are the links to the Mount Isa City Council WHS Contractor Induction and the WHS Contractor Induction Quiz. This induction is mandatory for ALL Contractors/Consultants engaged by Council, this must be completed & returned to Human Resources prior to entry to Council premises and commencement of duties.

As per the Workplace Health and Safety Legislation, it is in the best interests of all Council Contractors/Consultants to complete this induction to work safely and comply with current safety standards.

Please open and view the Contractor Induction PowerPoint . Once the PowerPoint has been viewed and understood please open, complete then email a copy of the quiz to HR@mountisa.qld.gov.au – alternatively you can print the quiz and send it to HR via the internal mail. 

Until HR has reviewed your quiz and communicated your results to your MICC contact person a contractor is not to engage in any work with Council.

To obtain access to the PowerPoint and quiz please contact HR for the username & password to logon.

If you have any queries or require any assistance please don't hesitate to contact HR on 4747 3200

Contractor Induction

Contractor Induction Quiz


Employment Benefits

Staff are employed under the Mount Isa City Council Certified Agreement 2013-2015 in conjunction with the relevant Award.

Mount Isa City Council Certified Agreement 2013-2015 



Queensland Local Government Officers Award 1998 


Local Government Employees Award – State 2003


Engineering Award – State 2012 


Building Trades Public Sector Award – State 2002 


Theatrical Employees – Local Authority Area Theatres Award – State 2012


Hotels, Resorts and Certain Other Licensed Premises Award – State (Excluding South-East Queensland)




Equal Employment Opportunity

Mount Isa City Council is, and always has been, an equal opportunity employer and strives to to employ and promote the best qualified person. It is the Council's policy to ensure equal opportunity in all aspects of employment.
Council is committed to the principle of equal opportunity for all employees, ensuring that employees are selected, promoted and treated on the basis of their individual talents and capabilities to perform nominated tasks.

Staff Training & Professional Development

Mount Isa City Council is committed to provide training to all of its staff in order to improve work skills and safety knowledge and will provide all necessary resources for employees to undertake such training.

Mount Isa City Council has a commitment to the youth of Mount Isa and as part of this commitment have adopted a scholarship policy to assist Mount Isa Youths with gaining tertiary qualifications to benefit both themselves and their community.

For more details, please see the Mount Isa City Council Staff Training & Development Policy.


Mount Isa City Council is committed to achieving and maintaining the highest possible standards of Workplace Health & Safety in all its operations. The Council accepts its responsibility to provide the support and direction to achieve this commitment.

The Council considers Workplace Health and Safety an integral part of everyday operations, and is committed to achieving and maintaining the highest possible standards of Workplace Health & Safety for all employees, contractors, visitors, and the Mount Isa community.

Council employs a full time Workplace Health & Safety Officer, and has a Workplace Health & Safety Committee, who work together maintain and, if necessary improve, safety standards within the workplace.

Council employees have a fundamental duty to themselves, their fellow workers, and to the Council to adopt and maintain the highest possible standard of care in all of their work activities.


Recruitment and Selection Policy 1

Recruitment and Selection Policy 2

Recruitment and Selection Policy Process Map