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Strategic Departmental Restructure for Mount Isa City Council - 21st September 2016

With Council facing the task of championing local economic development and diversification to ensure the ongoing prosperity of the city and the North West, a strategic departmental restructure has been deployed.


With several major projects in the pipeline including the potential replacement of the Isa Street Bridge, current CEO Emilio Cianetti said he will return to his former role as Director of Engineering Services in order to implement and oversee these projects, using his extensive knowledge and experience in the engineering field.


“I wish to take this opportunity to thank all that have assisted and supported me in the role as the CEO as it has been a valuable and rewarding experience for me and am grateful for the privilege of having worked with this Council in this capacity,” Mr Cianetti said.


“I look forward to the opportunity to continue serving our great community in my new role with the assistance and participation of my fellow colleagues.”


This change will see a new CEO appointed, who will have a particular focus on the economic future and development of the city, and drive the council towards exploring new opportunities and strengthening our position as the major economic hub of the North West.


Mike Salmon who is currently appointed as the Director of Engineering will be reappointed as the Director of Compliance and Utility Services where his skills and expertise with compliance performance and utility services can be best used to assist Council. 


Mayor Joyce McCulloch said she was pleased with the restructure as it allowed Council to best utilise the strengths of its employees to the city’s advantage.


“While Emilio has given great service and commitment to his role as CEO, his skills and expertise in the field of engineering and asset management and maintenance are highly sought by this Council and having him in this new role will be a great asset to us,” Cr McCulloch said.


Mr Cianetti will remain in the Acting CEO’s role during the interim period that Council will be sourcing a CEO.