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Scenic Drive around Lake Moondarra a Boost to Tourism

ouncil crews are working for the Mount Isa Water Board to make the roads around the Lake Moondarra foreshore a lot safer and smoother to drive on, by sealing them for the first time.

Since October 22, 2018, the crews have been preparing 5.2km of existing dirt roads and recently have been sealing some sections with bitumen, with work to seal the full length expected to be completed soon. The project is funded by the Mount Isa Water Board.

Mayor Joyce McCulloch said she was delighted that the work was being carried out around the lake, as the tracks there had never been sealed before and the work would make Lake Moondarra an even more attractive destination for tourists and visitors.

“As well as being Mount Isa’s main water supply, the lake is also one of the city’s best assets in terms of tourism and recreation,” Cr McCulloch said.

“Once this scenic drive is completed, I’m confident it will attract a lot more people to go out and spend time at the lake and enjoy the many recreational facilities and opportunities that exist there.

“Having those tracks sealed for the first time will make getting there and getting around the Reserve so much easier and safer. As well, it’s a fantastic area to drive around, and I encourage everyone to take in the scenery and natural beauty the lake has to offer.”

Mount Isa Water Board Chief Executive Officer Stephen Farrelly said sealing the scenic drive around Lake Moondarra was about maintaining this particular public asset on the R48 Reserve.

“The work involves the restoration of the foreshore road, which reached the point of being unmaintainable and requiring significant investment to get it back to a serviceable condition,” Mr Farrelly said.

“The road obviously has significant public amenity for locals and visitors alike. Mount Isa Water Board has a continuous program of works on the Reserve, but not all of what we do is quite as obvious to the public as these roadworks.

“The project is a Mount Isa Water Board initiative, which we are very glad to be undertaking in partnership with Mount Isa City Council.

“Mount Isa Water Board will also be installing signage to remind locals and visitors alike of what is acceptable behaviour on the reserve.

“We note already there have been some who seem to think the road is a race track and have caused damage in doing so. We also need to make sure our visiting tourists understand that unauthorised camping is prohibited – the lake is, after all, first and foremost Mount Isa’s water supply.”