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Mount Isa an Ideal City for Young Families and Couples

Mayor Joyce McCulloch says the news that the birth rate in Mount Isa is the highest in the State comes as little surprise, given the many opportunities the city offers its residents.


Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show that, of Local Government Areas in Queensland with a population of greater than 10,000, Mount Isa tops the list when it comes to fertility and birth rates, with every woman giving birth to, on average, 2.7 babies throughout their lifetime.


The next biggest is the South Burnett region, with a birth rate of 2.38 babies per woman. In the Brisbane City Council region, the rate is 1.51, and the Queensland average is 1.82.


Cr McCulloch says Mount Isa a great city for people of all ages, but particularly for young families or couples thinking of starting a family.

“Mount Isa offers incredible opportunities for people in terms of work and lifestyle, and we attract a large number of people to the city who are in their mid-20s to early 30s, with the median age of the city’s population being 31,” Cr McCulloch said.


“The access to services, the ease of the lifestyle, the job security and family-friendly community make it an ideal place for people to begin families after they move here.”