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Mayor responds to Regional Conduct Review Panel ruling

A misunderstanding between Mayor Joyce McCulloch and a former staff member has led to allegations made about the Mayor’s conduct to the Regional Conduct Review Panel.

“These allegations to me at the time were a surprise, and are certainly not indicative of how I conduct myself as the Mayor of this city,” Cr McCulloch said.

“As per requirements of the Panel, I have apologised to my Council and will continue to provide good leadership for this Council and the community. I’m here to make a positive impact to our community as we are facing a number of challenges and are having to be more innovative and efficient in our operations.

“I love this city and am confident that we can work together to advocate for a brighter future with essential funding to help support facility upgrades and progress a number of exciting initiatives. ”

Deputy Mayor Phil Barwick said all councillors have united to support the Mayor, and remain confident in her ability to provide good governance.

“While it was disappointing that allegations were made and some sustained, as far as we are concerned the Mayor conducts herself in an appropriate manner,” Cr Barwick said.

“She was elected to this role as she is the best person for the job, and the sheer amount of positive changes she has led to council to make and the State and Federal funding that has been received under her leadership is testament to that.

“This Mayor has led this Council to achieve more in a few short years than has been achieved in a long time under previous leaders, and we will continue to support her vision.”