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Major Concrete Pour Lays Strong Foundations for New Reservoir

A large, continuous concrete pour on the Pamela Street hill to lay the foundations for a new reservoir has been carried out seamlessly, with the work completed ahead of schedule.


The pour began at 8pm on Tuesday, January 15, and was completed just before 6am on Wednesday, January 16 – three hours ahead of the expected completion time.


A total of 157 cubic metres, or 320 tonnes, of concrete was poured to form the foundation for the new 6.8-million-litre 3A reservoir, which will be installed on-site in March once the reservoir’s panels have been manufactured and freighted up from Melbourne.


“They’re specially-coated metal panels, so it gives them protection from the elements and also doesn’t allow rust to contaminate the water,” Council Director of Engineering Emilio Cianetti said.


“Once that’s completed, our crews will come in and connect the reservoir to our water-distribution system.


“The reservoir will add capacity of 6.8 million litres to our city’s water supply – so, for example, if the pumping station that feeds into the network happens to unexpectedly fail, we then have an increase to the capacity which will extend our endurance for possibly a day.”

He said the concrete-pour work went like clockwork.


“The concrete mix was perfect and finished up well, with no cracks at all, and was liked by the contractors,” Mr Cianetti said.


“The project engaged Council, local concrete contractor KC Concrete Construction and company Reliance from NSW, who will be constructing the reservoir.


“We thank residents and the road users of the area for their patience and understanding while the work is being carried out.”