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Major Advancement at Mount Isa Sewerage Treatment Plant - 5th July 2016

The Mount Isa community will soon benefit from greater access to recycled water following the recent completion of another stage of the city’s sewerage treatment plant upgrades.

As part of the Mount Isa City Council’s Sewerage Augmentation Project Stage 2 – Waste Water Reclamation Plant upgrade works, the construction of a 2.8 million litre tank coming in $200,000 under budget at $1million has been completed. The new storage tank will store A Class treated effluent water prior to it being distributed to a number of the city’s facilities.

The $5 million sewerage treatment plant project is funded by Council and with the assistance of Federal Government funding through National Stronger Regions Fund, and State Government funding through Local Government Grants and Subsidies Program, and State government under Royalties for the Region.

The upgrades will enable Council to capture approximately an additional 24 mega litres annually of effluent water that is currently lost through the plant’s processing phases and will bypass the less effective existing treatment lagoons.   The storage of the treated effluent in the new effluent tank will prevent contamination by algal growth and preserves the higher quality of the treated effluent for longer periods and in turn allowing greater volume for distribution to the city’s recreational facilities, supplementing Council’s fresh water usage.

Mount Isa City Council CEO Emilio Cianetti said the project was a particularly important step for Council’s waste water treatment and reuse operations.

"One of the most pleasing aspects of this project is the high emphasis placed on improving the final quality of effluent which will be used for a number of Mount Isa’s parks and recreational grounds after the wastewater has been treated," Mr Cianetti said.

"This will lessen demand on Mount Isa’s potable water supplies and enhance the city’s green areas.”

The project has involved numerous Council staff and engaged local contractors from Steelcon Cava, and Isa’s Kan Du, with all plant and equipment locally hired.