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Impressive Combined Efforts Help Tackle Refuse Tip Fire

The commendable combined efforts of Council staff members and Remploy employees helped to extinguish a persistent rubbish fire at the Mount Isa Refuse Tip on Wednesday afternoon, January 16.


The fire began unexpectedly in one of the rubbish piles, or cells, of the Refuse Tip about 1pm.


Council Director of Compliance and Utilities Services Jake Hart said a Remploy water truck was hired to fight the fire, which was brought under control that night and did not pose a threat to any surrounding residences.


“We had evacuated members of the public at the Tip safely well before the fire had spread,” Mr Hart said.


“Everyone worked as an incredibly efficient team.


“We trust the community understands the need to close the facility during the fire for the purpose of community safety, and Council apologises for any inconvenience this may have caused.”


Three trucks and a compactor were also utilised to help smother the fire by pouring dirt and sand from special piles kept on-site specifically for that purpose onto it.


“There were a lot of people and trucks involved – about eight people in total – and no one got hurt, and no trucks got bogged,” Mr Hart said.


“Our experienced plant operators got on top of it quickly, and spot fires were monitored closely.


“I would like to thank our Compliance and Utilities Services Manager Stephen Wagner; Waste Management Team Leader Sam Wylie, who just joined Council in December; Leading Hands Brett Albert and Russell Hunter; and Plant Operator Peter Lucas for their impressive efforts and dedication in extinguishing this fire.”