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First Concrete Poured at Site of New Pamela Street Reservoir

Work is progressing well to prepare the Pamela Street hill site for the new 6.8-million-litre reservoir.


On Tuesday, December 18, Council crew members and contractors poured the first 40 cubic metres of concrete for the footings of Reservoir 3A, in preparation for a major concrete pour next month.


From about January 15, 2019, 170 cubic metres of concrete will be poured continuously at the site over a 14-hour period to complete the foundation, with suppliers and contractors carrying out levelling and other associated work.


The prefabricated panels of the reservoir will be transported from Melbourne to Mount Isa, and the on-site installation of the reservoir is due to be carried out in March.


Council wishes to advise the public that the area, on the eastern end of Pamela Street, is a construction site and therefore strictly off-limits to members of the public.


The site is also monitored around-the-clock by a security camera, with footage livestreamed and observed constantly.


The addition of the new reservoir will extend Council’s storage buffer and immunity to depleting its immediate supply to the city in the event of pumping outages or supply trunk main breakages.


The extra storage buffer will also permit Council to take the older reservoirs off-line for much-needed refurbishment work.