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Council's Complaints Management Framework Gets Approval from Ombudsman

Concerted efforts in the previous two years of the current council have seen a complete overhaul of Council’s Complaints Management Framework, which has received a glowing response from the Ombudsman’s office.


Up until an audit in 2014, Council’s complaints process failed to impress, but after a recent overhaul, Council now meets all of the Queensland’s Ombudsman’s recommendations.


“We now have the full tick of approval and have recently received positive feedback from the Queensland Ombudsman for the improvements we have implemented to our Complaints Management Framework,” Mayor Joyce McCulloch said.


“The Queensland Ombudsman carried out an audit of our complaints management system in 2014, and from the results of that, we resolved to do everything we could to meet all of the legislative requirements.


“We now have a dedicated page on our website with all of the documentation and information necessary for a member of the public to lodge an Administrative Action Complaint with us, as well as an email address dedicated to complaints.”


An Administrative Action Complaint is a complaint about Council by a person who is directly affected by an administrative action or decision of Council or its staff (including contractors and volunteers), including a failure to take action or make a decision. Examples include:


  • A decision, or a failure to make a decision, including a failure to provide a written statement of reasons for a decision;
  • An act, or failure to do an act;
  • The formulation of a proposal or intention; and
  • The making of a recommendation.


“If you feel you haven’t had your question answered properly, or your query hasn’t been adequately responded to, you should certainly lodge a written complaint with Council,” Cr McCulloch said.


“This will then be brought to the attention of the relevant senior staff member/s as well as the Chief Executive Officer for follow-up.


“Residents can be confident that each and every complaint that Council receives is taken very seriously and is thoroughly assessed, investigated, recorded and responded to.


“Complaints let us know where we can improve and also help to identify issues, so that we can do something about it.


“We are pleased to now be fully compliant with this legislation in this term of Council.”


Complaints should be made in writing by filling out a Complaint Lodgement Form online, available at, or by picking up a form at the front counter of the Administration Building in West Street.


Forms can be either dropped off at the front counter, emailed to or mailed to the Chief Executive Officer, Mount Isa City Council, PO Box 815, Mount Isa QLD 4825.


Complaints are responded to within five working days and all information is kept strictly confidential.


Anonymous complaints may be lodged, however Council may need to get in contact with the person lodging the complaint, and may refuse to investigate an anonymous complaint if insufficient information is provided.


For more information please contact the Customer Service Department on 4747 3200.