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Council’s Container Exchange Facility Hits Major Milestone

Council’s domestic transfer station has officially reached the 2-million-container mark for the Queensland Container Refund Scheme, about six months after the scheme began in Mount Isa.


Since November 1, 2018, when the Container Refund Scheme began in Queensland, and June 30, 2019, the transfer station at the Mount Isa Waste Management Facility recorded 2,287,000 containers being dropped off, with $228,700 refunded to the Mount Isa community as a result.


The facility is now recording an average of 17,000 containers a day and is on track to pass the 2.5-million-container mark by mid-month.


May and June were particularly busy months, with 376,000 and 325,000 containers dropped off respectively.

Aluminium cans comprise the largest percentage of containers refunded at the facility, at almost 50 percent, followed by clear PET plastic bottles, and glass bottles.


Waste Management Facility Team Leader Sam Wylie said he was very proud of his crew for being able to handle such large quantities of containers every day.


“They all work extremely hard and can end up counting up to 23,000 containers each day,” Mr Wylie said.


“My crew have really pulled together, and we now have a team that is very efficient. We look forward to breaking that record in the future.”


The transfer station is on Jessop Drive and is open from 7.30am to 4pm each day. For more information, please call Council’s Customer Services department on 4747 3200.