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Animal Inspection Program - 16th September 2016

In an effort to reduce the amount of unwanted and abandoned animals in the city, Mount Isa City Council will spend the next six months going door to door identifying animal welfare issues.


The systematic Animal Inspection Program will comply with animal management local laws, and will focus on identifying unregistered breeders, unregistered animals, keeping multiple dogs and cats at a property without permits, dangerous dogs, and general animal welfare.


Mayor Joyce McCulloch said the program was extremely important for the future welfare of animals in Mount Isa, and identifying unregistered breeders and poor welfare conditions was critical.


“There are too many stray and abandoned animals in Mount Isa that deserve a much higher standard of care. Backyard breeders are adding to the problem without giving thought to the fact that the litters will be hard to rehome, and our animals are suffering because of it,” Cr McCulloch said.


“We have too many animals coming through the pound which have been dumped or surrendered, they are simply become disposable commodities to some people, and it’s not good enough.


“Our officers will be identifying the people who are not doing the right thing in order to provide a better future for animal welfare in Mount Isa.”


Cr McCulloch said Mount Isa City Council was extremely committed to animal management and welfare, with the Mount Isa City Council facebook page set up to assist with rehoming and reuniting lost animals, free microchipping programs, and assisting with barking and menacing dog management.


“Animal management is a complex system for any Council, but it is our job to ensure that our animals are treated in the best way possible, and that our residents feel safe and comfortable in their community,” she said.


Under the animal management act, local laws officer are permitted to enter any yard for animal inspection purposes.


For more information on the animal inspection program, barking dogs or general complaints, or animal adoptions, please phone Council on 47473200.