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37 Mount Isa Streets to be Resealed

As part of Council’s ongoing city street resealing program, 37 streets have been included in this year’s resealing program, to be undertaken by the sealing contractor, RPQ Spray Seal Pty Ltd.


Works are expected to begin on April 2, 2019, and will take about one to two weeks to complete (depending on weather). RPQ are arranging for letterbox drops to be sent to affected residents in coming days.


The affected streets are: Maple St, Nandina St, Nineteenth Ave, Ruby St, Topaz St, Emerald St, Elliot Ave, Kirkwood Ave, Swan St, Oxley Lane, Riverview Terrace, Twenty-Second Ave, Madang St, Rabaul St, Gazelle St, Leo St, Russell Cres, Daphne St, Clairs St, Butler St, Shirley Ave, Laneway South, Transmission St, Violet St, Casey St, Flynn St, Lorraine St, Burke St, Dora St, Hilary St, William Way, Elly Cres, Lawson Cres, Panek Cres, Skew St, Wood St, Prosser St and Camphor St.


“To assist Council and its contractor in delivering an interruption-free service and to protect your property, please do not park any vehicles, trailers or equipment on the road,” Council Chief Executive Officer Sharon Ibardolaza said.


“The road verge may be used if required.”


The resealed pavement will take a week to fully cure and, while it is accessible to traffic soon after sealing, Council asks that care is taken to avoid damage to the pavement seal by the sudden stopping of vehicles, or excess usage of power steering while the vehicle is stationary.


Council’s Engineering Services thanks the community for their assistance.


If you have any queries or concerns regarding the works, please do not hesitate to contact Council’s Technical Services Administration Officer on 4747 3200.